Employment skills (Level 1)

This course will help you gain the skills and knowledge to gain employment and to search and apply for live vacancies.

About this course

With this course, you will be able to gain useful skills and knowledge to help you to gain employment. This qualification contains 3 seperate programmes; Customer Service, Personal Social Development and Workills. In this qualification you will complete the following units;

Units for Customer Service

  • Unit 101 Create a good impression to customers
  • Unit 102 Apply legislation, regulation and organisational procedures for customer service
  • Unit 103 Deal with queries and requests
  • Unit 105 Working in customer service
  • Unit 106 – Answer telephone calls from customers
  • Unit 107 Positive communication with customers

Units for PSD

  • Unit 1: Working towards goals
  • Unit 2:Dealing with problems in daily life
  • Unit 4: Developing self
  • Unit 6 Individual rights and responsibilities
  • Unit 9: Preparation for work
  • Unit 16:Career progression
  • Unit 25: Skills for employment
  • Unit 33: Exploring career choices

Units for WS

  • Unit 30 Career Progression
  • Unit 33: Managing Transition into Work
  • Unit 35: Health and Safety at Work
  • Unit 37 – Building working relationships with colleagues
  • Unit 40: Developing Resilience for Work
  • Unit 41: Solving Work-related Problems
  • Unit 46: Personal Behaviour for Success
  • Unit 53: Self-management Skills

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